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2020Sort out the blog at hand

Given before been HICAT update hodgepodge of articles (in fact, think of it had to hand absently write),In fact, HIVICTOR is my first build a blog,Compared wordpress and typecho,Both have their own advantages,But in the end he chose to wp theme really do not want Tucao Baidu cloud CDN free version only Unicom and Telecom access,Mobile card number,Because the more attractive it (in fact, Chakhsu topic is too small proportion typecho,It will not change magic) going to put all of the articles are written in this site。HICAT will still keep running (after all renewals server 6 years),Then collect some of the more practical script or memo, etc.。

Bear imprint

Happy Labor day·Pig home record

??Since the beginning of a pig can not buy tickets do not come back to say good,The results fifty-one suddenly said she wanted us。Online help pig to grab votes,Then go to high-speed rail station to pick her up,Here is the pig I feel bad for the first time boast trunk shot is actually pretty good looking right at afternoon nap Joint Publishing,Pat this hidden underground bookstore,It can be said really like this bookstore,We still have about Duck! Devil knows what kbj and GF gossip topic we talked on the map in a bookstore ha ha ha dark figure will begin to prepare foraging strategy,~ ~ ~ Thump thump lamp light furnace fish playing good, oh joy is always short,practice,Top-wrapped around us all breathless,But how can like ha ha ha,three little Bears,Summer winter Hangzhou see (boar pig has a new cool-looking is good anyway,Fish pond is large enough) Finally