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Dog thirteen·Growth is to learn to compromise

Originally just thinking about looking for a movie to see,But I do not want to see the US play,So recommended in dogs thirteen attracted me。Originally I thought it was a movie about dogs [ps. The mission is similar to a dog,I am also very fond of a child Gouzi ha ha],But every detail can make me take a deep breath ......

From a little girl,Experienced too much,I think it is too much injustice,Even himself experienced。Einstein[Cue the beginning of the story]Because wandered off,Lee began looking for him to play,Tried everything,No results,Among the many things happened,At the end of the film,Never imagined,Lee's sister stumbled play Einstein,But Lee had to play facing beloved dog,He says these words

"Dog thirteen·Growth is to learn to compromise. "

See this,Utter a word,Perhaps all of frustration,We are sad Fortunately, no Inside it

I loved this movie


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