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ET302- obsession 🕯🕯🕯🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


9No. afternoon just push daily news,Ethiopian Airlines said that there is a plane crashed,He did not go to see,Perhaps overlooked。Then various news media reports overwhelming it,It is not simple intuition


突然心情很是沉重,One sister turned out to be from Zhejiang,Uncle saw the circle of friends,Suddenly found,The original concept for aircraft no victims,Now you can actually so close,Although not familiar with the sister school,I can say that I would rather do not want in this way to get to know her,I hope this thing can not happen,In this most proud of the most exciting young,也许他们无法感受到了

空闲之余,Always think,In just a few seconds aircraft that crashed,Every opportunity's mood,但是又不敢想……


宁波的慢慢的变得温暖,Along the way,,Sakura also opened his pink bud,It is beautiful,Thinking,Perhaps we never know what will happen the next second,What we can do,It is to cherish every second,everyone

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    去热爱生活既然我们不能预知未来活在当下也何尝不可呢人的生命只有短短100年不到而人类的文明进程却如星河般无尽死不可怕死无其用才可怕但愿能以鲜血的教训换来经验去改变这个世界我一直都相信未来会更加美好的就如同日出从东亘古不变所以早睡早起迎接新的一天吧让明天早上的阳光照进心中阴暗的角落!虽说花有凋零的时候那太阳也不是有日落的那刻如同轮回就是因为有花谢才有更美的花开不是吗:mrgreen: :biggrin: :eek:

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