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🇹🇱Chody- my best friend 🇨🇳

12Early,East Timor mechanical class completed a year of training,They back again,Left travel ban。

Travel Ban,In fact, it is not familiar with,Because not many contact,Chody is a sun,Lively person,Always play together very happy,26No. noon,To meet at the hotel,Chody送给我了我一个礼物?,He said yes when he left to open ha ha(In fact, the night secretly opened)And a letter Tais,In fact, I know that this is Tais,Very grateful and touched,At noon in the hotel sat for a long time,La La empty,A year ago the thought of that night they first came,Enthusiastic and curious,一年真的收获了许多!??????


Sincerely we wish them to health,happy,We are not goodbye,Just See U later

We must have the opportunity to meet,To always remember,On the other side of the Earth,有我们在想着你们????


At the beginning of December, the East Timor Mechanical Class completed a one-year training. They went back and left a tour class.

The tour class is actually not very familiar, because there is not much contact, Paces is a Sunnah, lively person, always happy when playing together, noon on the 26th, agreed to meet at the hotel, Chody gave me me a gift?I said that when he left, I could open a haha (in fact, secretly opened at night) a letter and a Tais. In fact, now I know that this is Tais, very touched and grateful. I sat in the hotel for a long time at noon, empty. One thought of the night they had just arrived a year ago, warm and curious, a year really gained a lot!??????

Sincerely wish them health and happiness, we are not goodbye, just See U later

We must have a chance to meet again, we must remember forever, on the other side of the earth, we are thinking about you.????


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