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🇹🇱Chody- my best friend 🇨🇳

12Early,East Timor mechanical class completed a year of training,They back again,Left travel ban。

Travel Ban,In fact, it is not familiar with,Because not many contact,Chody is a sun,Lively person,Always play together very happy,26No. noon,To meet at the hotel,Chody gave me a gift?,He said yes when he left to open ha ha(In fact, the night secretly opened)And a letter Tais,In fact, I know that this is Tais,Very grateful and touched,At noon in the hotel sat for a long time,La La empty,A year ago the thought of that night they first came,Enthusiastic and curious,Really gained a lot in one year!??????

"🇹🇱Chody-My Best Friend🇨🇳"

Sincerely we wish them to health,happy,We are not goodbye,Just See U later

We must have the opportunity to meet,To always remember,On the other side of the Earth,We are thinking of you????


At the beginning of December, the East Timor Mechanical Class completed a one-year training. They went back and left a tour class.

The tour class is actually not very familiar, because there is not much contact, Paces is a Sunnah, lively person, always happy when playing together, noon on the 26th, agreed to meet at the hotel, Chody gave me me a gift?I said that when he left, I could open a haha (in fact, secretly opened at night) a letter and a Tais. In fact, now I know that this is Tais, very touched and grateful. I sat in the hotel for a long time at noon, empty. One thought of the night they had just arrived a year ago, warm and curious, a year really gained a lot!??????

Sincerely wish them health and happiness, we are not goodbye, just See U later

We must have a chance to meet again, we must remember forever, on the other side of the earth, we are thinking about you.????


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