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Winter met you

Time flies - to leave East Timor

Suddenly like a lot,But I can not remember all the memories

Uganda,After the Tanzanian foreign aid this semester came to an end,I said, and the side of a small partner,Austrian right,There are classes in Mali,I added,。East Timor a year to friends,They have gone,I want it,Talking,"When they go.",Side of a small partner interrupted me,I do not know either,It is probably in December,They come in December last year is last year's December ......,12.7Number three volunteers to go to Shanghai and Thailand IPP connection with trainees (the only time to go to Shanghai airport pick-up,very excited,And also the first time in the absence of accompanying teacher),Of course, very good little friends,Finally, we successfully received ha ha,It seems to be after that,East Timor class came,Not grab pick-up,Not very happy,But we know that they will be able to reach the evening at eight hotels in the,So early and so excited at the hotel,A bus to,On the Cuocuo Shou,They all came to the hall,Face a new environment,有着藏不住的开心?,Yes,They are older and we are almost ...... fill in the information table check in contracting,Busy enjoying themselves,The first is a student initiative and say hello,I am hoping to take a picture with him haha,He called Nilton,I know of a small partner in East Timor,十分庆幸自己有着不算很糟糕的口语?能够和他们交流的还可以说得过去,Ok,So those days with us in exchange duty station,Mingko willPlaying guitar

Lela 会Hip-hopCala willSing a song ,There are many small partners willPlaying ⚽


Almost a blink of an eye to the end of the year,IPP volunteers, most home for the holiday。flower,ipp volunteers,My good friend,At the end of the exam but everyone is not completely go home in a few days,Mingko together spent about a skateboard,Mingko也邀请我一起哈哈……随后我们都回家了,And they are in a hotel,China's annual natural taste is the best,They also lived in China,They were very homesick,Very much like Mom and Dad,Arynu and I said they were looking forward to school ......,So that we can come back,And we are looking forward to another school,这样就能继续放假哈哈?……每一次在校园里面都能碰到他们熟悉的面孔挥手??say hi 一个微笑,Can be very happy - very nervous school,Dajiadoumang learning,Gradually rarely meet,Time suddenly to the end of June,Busy schedule,Summer school begins,Developing and Panama are the deepest feelings,Eat goods Dean,There boss.Mai.Amer.Nebal but East Timor is very familiar with the junior partner,August and did not go out togetherHa ha ha [,Now I think of it at the time but fortunately did not go so hot,Think of all dried up]当然这都是开玩笑哈哈? 从冬天到夏天,Lela had a wish is to go to my home to play haha,But for whatever reason it did not go into,Unfortunately, it can be considered a,September start even more busy,One day there will be nine classes,The new classes have little depth ...... as if between two months and they have not contacted for a long time,Probably because it very familiar,It is no longer a serious perception of every detail,Not very suddenly,They will back again,Mingko said he will come later China,Ningbo will be happy ha ha ...... a few days ago and spent a long time no contact chatted for a few,Suddenly a voice flowers sent,Very low voice,That Mingko find me,We should slide back to me,He was leaving,Can you help me'll get the skateboard,I'm a little busy recently,May not be empty……After listening to these words suddenly very sad.,I could not speak,I also know that busy is not a reason,It may really be reluctant,That winter as if still yesterday。 Although it took a long time does not appear,But she said the day of the sending machine will go。After listening to a person stay there memories,Winter,East Lake ......

Only this dedicated student of East Timor and IPP foreign aid workshops

  1. Big Head says:

    They came my freshman year,I like them,Just about this school,We grow together。Now I'm a sophomore,They can not but go!

  2. pock says:

    Then first class ah good good long detained reluctant to year end number of loose ends is 12.9 ah 

  3. Ann says:

    A thousand words merged into one sentence,I would miss them!

  4. big face says:

    That was quick Year after time to say goodbye
    But they always remain in our hearts

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